M42: Orion Nebula

29 January 2023

I've shot the Orion Nebula several times (02/2018, 03/2018, 12/2019, 01/2021, 03/2021 and 12/2021), but besides the shot from December 2019, I did not particulary like the images. So for this season I wanted to get an image, taken with my current setup that hopefully will result in a picture to my liking.

But the weather was not on my side. It has been either cloudy or moonlit, and so the days went by without a chance to photograph Messier 42. At the end of January it was nearly to late to image my annual target. But luckily, there was a gab in the clouds and a chance for me to get at least some broadband and narrowband data. So I took it, and even if it is less than two hours worth of data, the resulting image is the best I have taken up until today.

For the next year I hope to add some more data or even shoot the Horse Head and Flame Nebula. Time will tell.

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