IC 405: Flaming Star Nebula

18 January 2023

When I wanted to shoot the Rosette Nebula, I found it to be hidden behind the neighbouring house for an hour or two afer I startet imaging. IC 405 within the constellation of Auriga is quite a bit higher and therefore was already visible for my telescope. So I descided to spend some time capturing it with whatever filter I was currently using.

As I wanted to shoot and process the Rosette Nebula, I just dumped the data in a folder on my disc and kind of forgot about it until early february. That was when I rediscovered the maiden files and quickly stackt broadband and duo-narroband data - just to find out that there was a 90 degree rotation between the two datasets I had.

As some clear, but moonlit nights where about to come, I descided to make it a full-blown project and captured 10 hours worth of data with my duo-narrowband filter. I threw away the images from the first night, wich where heavily rotated compared to the rest of the images and kept the broadband data from January and narrowband data from February.

The image above is my current attempt of processing it. I am not a hundred percent happy with my result, wich is due to some very visible noise - perhaps I will come back to it when the weather is bad and I feel the urge to process some astrophotos. But for the time beeing, this is my final result.

Full Screen Image