NGC 2237: Rosette Nebula

17 December 2022

I did shoot the Rosette Nebula in the past (2020/01, 2022/02) but the first time I had no telescope and not even a full blown equatorial goto mount let alone autoguiding capabilities and the second time, earlier this year, I still did not own a dedicated astronomy camera. So naturally the images I got so far have some room for improvement. This I wanted to amend with my current attempt, but while the weather forecast looked promising for two nights in a row, the second night was a total fade-out due to ground fog.

By the time the Rosette Nebula cleared the neighboring house I had only two hours left before the clouds rolled in and the acquisition of usable images came to an end. So the image presented here is just an intermediate result on which I hope to improve on the next occasion. I still have to descide if I want to continue capturing broadband data or if I switch over to dual narrowband data. But that remains to be seen. As it stands now I have the strong feeling that this was my last imaging session for 2022. Lets hope for a lot of clear and moonless nights in 2023.

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