Testing mobile guiding

10 October 2020

Last week it was all about the guide scope and camera. The guiding software ran on an old 12 inch Windows laptop which was plugged into the wall outlet. Despite all of the cables that were needed to connect everything this would be a setup that is kind of feasible at home but would be problematic out on the field.

So naturally, I want something smaller, lighter, and most important something that can be powered by a USB power brick. So my current workaround to fit my needs is a borrowed Raspberry PI 3 running Astroberry. While this setup kind of works as far as guiding goes but it does not seem to be meant being controlled by a mobile phone or a tablet pc.

The next logical step for me is a ZWO ASIAIR Pro which also runs on a Raspberry PI and I am hopeful that powering this will be as easy as the workaround Astroberry. Besides, the dedicated app should make it easier to control everything from my mobile phone.

My current setup
A close up of my setup
The big one and the little one

Full Screen Image