The Veil Nebula

23 August 2019

Originally the plan was to photograph the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) again - this time with proper power supply. But at this time of the year and in my latitude M31 is still very low in the night sky. Postponing this particular plan to November seams to be a good idea.

So I searched for another possible target and remembered several videos by Trevor Jones that I watched lately (Astrophotography - Let's Photograph the Veil Nebula, The VEIL NEBULA with a Telescope (Astrophotography)). Those videos made me curious what I could achieve with my still very limited equipment and especially with an unmodified stock DSLR.

Here is what I managed to capture:

The Veil Nebula

This time I tried a slightly different processing. A friend of mine told me about a neat peace of software called StarNet that removes stars from an astro image. Leveraging a starless image I was able to pull much more signal out of my originally stacked and stretched image. This image might be a little bit overprocessed but nevertheless I quite like it.

Full Screen Image