Orion Constellation

05 February 2018

After a depressingly long time without even the slightest hint of a clear sky I had two opportunities to shoot the night sky in all of December till early February.

The first of which was on January 14th, which was the first time I could test my new tracking mount which happens to be a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer and even if I got away with a quite decent shot of the orion constellation as well as M42 the one above is the shot I am more proud of.

As I have to shoot in an area with quite a lot of light pollution and I don't own an astro-modified camera (yet) I tend to have immense trouble with gradients in my images. For me the solution was to buy a ligh pollution filter which can be mounted on top of my various lenses. This filter allowed me to stretch the data much more
than I could without the use of such a filter and applying the techniques described by Ian Norman I got a nice shot.

I know that M42 is burned but that's the task for another session.

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