Leo Triplet

24 March 2020

Galaxy Season is a hard time for those without a telescope or lenses with a massive focal length. This image of the Leo Triplet is my attempt to capture a somewhat decent image. The result however could use some improvement but I'll leave that for the years to come.

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Image: California Nebula

California Nebula

16 January 2020

On my search for deep sky targets that are suitable for a) the current season and b) the gear that I own I stumbled upon a site called Einfache und einfach zu findende Deep-Sky-Objekte für Anfänger. Beside the Orion and Rosette Nebula which I already shot, it also listed the California Nebula or NGC 1499 as a suitable target.

Back in the days when I just started out to dabble into astrophotography I already tried to capture this object with my very limited gear (no proper focussing aids and no star tracker). Of course this lead to no very satisfying result. But not this time. Taking the standard gear I use into account I am very pleased with the result.

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Image: Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula

01 January 2020

Two clear nights in close succession had to be used for some asto imaging. The Rosette Nebula was my second target for that night and lead by far to the better result. Sadly I made some beginner-mistakes while shooting my first target in the constellation of Auriga and the non-modified camera didn't pickup as much signal as I was hoping for.

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Image: Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula

30 December 2019

After a very long time of either sickness or bad weather this was the first time we could visit our local dark site. And I finally got a chance to cross off an item of my bucket list for this season.

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Image: Pleiades


05 December 2019

This image is the result of the first clear night after having bought my latest addition to my collection of lenses which is the telephoto lens of the holy trinity. A fast 70-200 zoom lens.

I must admit, that I am a little bit underwhelmed by the result I got. This is mainly because of two reasons: First a sloppy polar alignment and second the way to short total integration time of only 29 minutes. I will have to put this object back on my bucket list for 2020 - then with a proper alignment and at least 2 hours of integration time.

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Image: Moonlit Castle Otzberg

Moonlit Castle Otzberg

14 September 2019

The nights have not been clear for a long time and although this night did not look promising we descided to go out and revisit the castle Otzberg - not to get any meaningful deep sky images but to put our wideangle lenses to some use.

This is my result of that moonlit night. Due to extensive stacking there should be hardly any noise but the colors induced by the artificial lighting of the castle are giving me a hard time.

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Image: The Veil Nebula

The Veil Nebula

23 August 2019

See what I could achieve on an object like the Veil Nebula using only an unmodified stock DSLR.

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Image: M 31 - The Andromeda Galaxy

M 31 - The Andromeda Galaxy

08 August 2019

Imaging the Andromeda Galaxy was on my bucket list for the last two years and I finally got a chance to cross that one off. However not all went as planned.

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Image: ITV 2019 (Internationales Teleskoptreffen Vogelsberg)

ITV 2019 (Internationales Teleskoptreffen Vogelsberg)

01 June 2019

My first time at a star party. More telescopes and darker skies than I have ever seen lead to a very productive trip.

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Image: M 101 Pinwheel Galaxy

M 101 Pinwheel Galaxy

30 April 2019

After having shot the Whirlpool Galaxy multiple times I wanted to try something different. The Pinwheel Galaxy seamed to be the perfect target. Easy to find and a comparable size.

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Image: M 51 Whirlpool Galaxy

M 51 Whirlpool Galaxy

21 April 2019

This time my plan was only to improve on my polar alignment skills. By chance I got M 51 into my field of view so that I thought it might not hurt to take some subs.

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Image: Astrophotography Time-lapse 2018

Astrophotography Time-lapse 2018

12 April 2019

I finally assembled the summarizing video for 2018.

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