Markarian's Chain

02 May 2021

After a long period of good excuses, this was my attempt to get back in the game.

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Image: The Big Dipper/The Plough (asterism)

The Big Dipper/The Plough (asterism)

06 March 2021

The Big Dipper or the Plough as they say in the UK is a part of the constellation Ursa Major. As galaxy season continues my capturing of constellations or asterisms continues...

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Image: Orion (constellation)

Orion (constellation)

05 March 2021

This is my first image of the complete constellation of orion.

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Image: Orion's Belt

Orion's Belt

12 February 2021

A dedicated image for the belt region of the Orion constellation.

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Image: Great Nebula in Orion

Great Nebula in Orion

10 January 2021

This is this year's retake of the great nebula in Orion.

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Image: Perseus


18 November 2020

I needed to test my new power tank to ensure that it is a) functional and b) all my equipment works as expected. This widefield image of the constellation Perseus is the result of my endeavor. Sadly there were a lot of clouds rolling in, so I called it a night and worked with what I had and was usable.

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Image: Pleiades (again)

Pleiades (again)

12 November 2020

This is another go on the Pleiades, however this time I significantly increased the exposure time.

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Image: Pleiades and first light for my ASIair

Pleiades and first light for my ASIair

06 November 2020

After having trouble with my power supply, this was the first time I got to use my new ASIair.

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Image: Testing mobile guiding

Testing mobile guiding

10 October 2020

This time it was all about testing if my current power supply can support guiding on the field - an if so, for how long.

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Image: New Toy: ZWO ASI 120mm and Orion Mini 50mm Guide Scope

New Toy: ZWO ASI 120mm and Orion Mini 50mm Guide Scope

03 October 2020

I recently got the next upgrade to my astrophotography equipment: A guide scope and a dedicated guide camera.

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Image: C/2020 F3 - Neowise

C/2020 F3 - Neowise

11 July 2020

It has been a long time since I have been out photographing the stars. It has been even longer since when I was out in the field with some friends. So last weekend we finally went out again to take pictures of this once in a lifetime event of Neowise visiting earth. In the remainder of this article, I will show some impressions of this little trip.

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