Astrophotography Timelapse 2017

01 January 2018

To conclude my first year of owning a DSLR and starting to photograph the night sky I decided it would be nice to have a video that documents my progress. Et voilĂ  - here it is.


29 October 2017

I just got my new ultra wide angle lens and was eager to try it in the field. Although the night was anything but clear, I decided to go out and take some pictures. As the clouds did not seam to have any intention to disappear and on top of that the moon was out, I decided on a picture of the moon and its reflection in a puddle.

Milkyway above Otzberg

28 May 2017

As the night was clear and it would have been a shame to waste it I made a spontaneous trip to my standard observation point which is close to home. This time I was alone and totally forgot about any interesting foreground.

Cloudy Milkyway

17 May 2017

Beginning with this picture I wanted to put at least something interesting at the foreground. As there was nothing to be found I had to take myself. Unfortunately this day there were a lot of clouds that cover the milkyway. Thus I will have to redo this picture eventually.

Sunset before Astrophoto Session

17 May 2017

This image was taken during sunset right before an astrophoto session. As we arrived early at our destination and I travel with light gear I had enough time to shoot the sunset. The original size of this image is 141 mpixels.