Cloudy Milkyway

17 May 2017

Beginning with this picture I wanted to put at least something interesting at the foreground. As there was nothing to be found I had to take myself. Unfortunately this day there were a lot of clouds that cover the milkyway. Thus I will have to redo this picture eventually.

Sunset before Astrophoto Session

17 May 2017

This image was taken during sunset right before an astrophoto session. As we arrived early at our destination and I travel with light gear I had enough time to shoot the sunset. The original size of this image is 141 mpixels.

Starry Tree

25 March 2017

This is so far my favourite picture taken at night. Albeit there is no visible milkyway I got lucky to have a quite reasonable composition, which honestly was purely by chance as it has been pitch-black and I have never ever been at this place before.

Winter Sunset

29 January 2017

This panorama was a first experiment to edit a picture to look more like an epic sunset.