Unboxing my new Star Adventurer

18 March 2018

I finally found the time and motivation to publish the unboxing video of my Star Adventurer which I bought back in January as well as a descriptive blog entry.

Orion Constellation

05 February 2018

After a depressingly long time without even the slightest hint of a clear sky I finally got the chance to test my new CLS filter and the tracking mount.

Astrophotography Timelapse 2017

01 January 2018

To conclude my first year of owning a DSLR and starting to photograph the night sky I decided it would be nice to have a video that documents my progress. Et voilĂ  - here it is.


29 October 2017

I just got my new ultra wide angle lens and was eager to try it in the field. Although the night was anything but clear, I decided to go out and take some pictures. As the clouds did not seam to have any intention to disappear and on top of that the moon was out, I decided on a picture of the moon and its reflection in a puddle.

Milkyway above Otzberg

28 May 2017

As the night was clear and it would have been a shame to waste it I made a spontaneous trip to my standard observation point which is close to home. This time I was alone and totally forgot about any interesting foreground.